Two years ago, I drove by a new business sign called Quality Chiropractic Center and I went inside for help.  I had an accident and injured my back two years before.  I had been told that I would never run again nor should I ever do floor exercises.  The only thing that I was allowed to do was swim.  Swimming for a person who is afriad of water, well that wasn't an option for me.  For two years I went from doctor to doctor, chiropractor to chiropractor until the day I saw this new sign.  I walked or should I say, crawled into Dr. McKenzie's office and told him my story and that he had six months of my time or I was moving on.  He was my last resort!  In two months my pain was lessened and in seven months I was walking three days a week.  During the past two months, I started having pain in my side and back; felt like kidney stones when my doctor sent me to Spokane to a specialist who did an endoscopy.  Of course they didn't find one thing wrong but the doctor said that he felt I was having referred pain and that he thought it was my back.  Twnety-four hours later, I was at Dr. Mckenzie's office and sure enough, my back was out.  Just think, if I would have kept on my monthly regime, I might not have been put trhough any tests.  I am now walking three days a week up to four miles at a time and today, my pain in my side is gone.  Because of Dr. McKenzie, I am going to be running in Bloom's day May 2010.  If you haven't tried a chiropractor, please try Dr. McKenzie, the only chiropractor I will ever trust.  Also, what do you have to lose; getting well!

December 2009


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  • "Amazing. Unlike any chiropractor I've ever been to. Game changer."
    Jenny F. / Moscow, ID

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